About Us

We are a small family ranch and a farm. We operate according to the principles of permaculture. We make sure that all our activities are as natural and sustainable as possible.

Ranch Srbsko was founded in 2004 as a small family company focused on horses, permaculture and nature in the Czech Paradise region.

There are horses and Jersey cows on the ranch. They all spend their days roaming on 10 hectares of pasture and horses love taking rides around the beautiful surroundings.

The advantage of our location is that we are located right next to many of the beautiful Bohemian Paradise forest paths and there is no need to ride on roads intended for automobiles.

Opportunities for rides are many – of the more famous places, riders can go to the castle Kost, the castle ruin Valečov, or the Plakánek valley or other places full of meadows, forests, sandstone formations and lakes and ponds.

Information about boarding horses at info@ranchsrbsko.cz or by telephone at +420 608 476 041.

We speak English fluently

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or make reservations in English.